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Where’ve you been Fred Savage?

We all love Fred Savage. I mean I can’t go a day without hearing someone say, “hey, where did Fred Savage go?” That someone is usually me asking myself in the mirror before putting on a woman’s dress and singing old folk songs…but you don’t want to hear about how I get ready to go grocery shopping, so back to Fred!

Well we all know and love Fred Savage for his role as Kevin Arnold on the The Wonder Years or his appearance as the grandson to Peter Falk in The Princes Bride and of course as Brian in Little Monsters and Corey in The Wizard. I mean Fred Savage basically raised me as a child. He was in 3 of my top 10 “Go To” movies as a kid. Recently you might know him from his cameo in Austin Powers in Goldmember. But other than that what has he done? Well, I’ll tell you if you just give me a second, geez. Fred has moved behind the camera and, if possible, has done some work to make me love him even more.

First off he directed some episodes of Boy Meets World (starring his brother Ben and was probably my favourite childhood show other than Saved By The Bell). Then Fred (amongst many other shows) directed the shit out of some of the cleverest and funniest shows going lately. Here are just a few to chew on:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Party Down

Happy Endings

Modern Family

So that’s what Fred is doing. So next time you are trying on women’s clothing and talking to yourself in the mirror, you won’t be embarrassed when the question of where did Fred Savage go? Comes up.


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