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Got Milk? Magazine Edition

Milk ads. Is there anything better? Yes, like a million things. Take sex for instance. Sex is pretty awesome…or so I’ve heard. But enough sex talk you perverts, we are here to talk about Milk Ads. Speaking of that, here are a few of my favorite Got Milk? print ads from popular 90s magazines like People, TIME and Seventeen.

Be warned…in one of these pictures it’s not milk on the person’s face…

Brett Favre 1997 (I like to drink my milk in my Wrangler Jeans…Touchdown!)

Cal Ripken Jr. 1998 (I was baseball’s ironman, take that Robert Downey Jr!)

Cast of Frasier 1998 (Sherry Niles? No! We’re having Milk Frasier)

Austin Powers 1999 (Judo Chop!)

Kermit The Frog 1999 (I don’t think tadpoles drink milk…this ad is a lie)

Jimmy Smits & Dennis Franz 1997 (These guys HATE being in this ad)

Rebecca Romijn 1998 (Milk’s done that body good)

Hanson 1997 (Answer: This Ad. Question: What could be worse than Hanson’s music?)

Sarah Michelle Gellar 1998 (Milk’s done that body good, where do I come up with this stuff?)

Joshua Jackson 1998 (you know Pacey was chugging milk on the Creek before he tapped all that ass)

David Copperfield 1997 (they were supposed to use camera tricks in this ad, but Copperfield said “fuck that” then proceeded to make the milk float…and then sexually harassed nine women)

Jonathan Lipniki 1997 (this is the ad that’s not milk…it’s chocolate milk! What did you think it was? Poop? Grow up asshole)

Backstreet Boys 1998 (Milk’s done those bodies good. Right?)

Martha Stewart 1997 (Whose Milking Who? Right?)

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