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Dinky Cars and Carpet City


If there was ever a combination so good that it would rival peanut butter & jam, cookies & milk or Shaq & major motion pictures, it was Dinky Cars and Carpet City!

Dinky Toys were first introduced in 1931. These die-cast miniatures were produced by Meccano Ltd. and took the form of vehicles from war ships, tanks and classic cars. History claims the “golden age” of these toys was post-war era, but for me the “golden age” was the early 90s, when generations of these toys collected to make biggest gathering known to man!

The beauty of Dinky Toys was their size (Hence the name Dinky…duh). They were small enough to fit in your pocket for a trip to school, or to take to a friend’s house which is often what I would do because my best friend had CARPET CITY!

Just a plain old carpet right? WRONG. A carpet filled with roads, houses, buildings, trees, a fire station, lakes and the odd pedestrian. Carpet City fit perfectly with Dinky Toys and allowed me to drive my car from one end of town to the next without hitting a single red light. Sure I could have driven my Dinky Cars off road or just used my imagination, but come on! It’s Carpet City!



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