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Nostalgia Fail: That 80’s Show


With a similar name, show structure and many of the same writers and production staff as That 70’s Show, it seemed that Fox’s 2002 sitcom That 80’s Show was going to be a sure-fire hit! Sadly it was nothing more than a Nostalgia  FAIL!

The show was set in 1984 and revolved around the lives of a group of friends living in California. With an original concept, a seriously good soundtrack and based on a truly awesome decade, the show still could not compete with NBC’s ED. Then again who can really compete with the tandem of Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black.

While I do like Brittany Daniel, the cast was pretty Plain-Jane and just lacked something.  All in all this show sucked. Don’t trust me? Find out for yourself! Here is the entire first episode:


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