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Voltron vs Power Rangers

As far back as I can remember (which is pretty far. Impressed?), the first cartoon I remember loving was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The show only lasted like a year, but I still loved and talked about it for years after. So imagine my delight when I saw a live-action version of the the show like 10 years later, only now the show was called Power Rangers and instead of Lions coming together to form Voltron, it was a bunch of dinosaur zords coming together to form Megazord.

The shows were clearly the exact same, even down to the colours of the Lions and Zords. So naturally I loved Power Rangers just as much.

But the question remains: who would win in a chili cook off? Let the battle begin!


Power Rangers



Here is a video of a guy comparing the two. At least I assume it’s what he is doing, i didn’t watch it but I used is photo image for this post so I figure I should give him a shout out. Enjoy!


  1. Donald Cochrane says

    I love all this retro stuff. I just had a bunch of my own magazines and comic books. digitized by ScanDigital. It is such a relief to not have to worry about those old memories deteriorating anymore.

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