2000s, Memories, Toys
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Yak Bak… Remember?

Yak Bak.

I had one of these things. I remember specifically back in early 2000 after Mick Foley wrestled in his first and only WrestleMania main event, my Yak Bak happened to record his post match comments. They were as follows: “It’s the biggest night of my career. It’s the biggest year of the WWF.” My Yak Bak would NOT forget this recording. No matter how many times I tried to record over it or erase it, my Yak Bak just would not forget these words by Mick Foley. The fucking thing kept this recording until the end of its life. I must have heard Mick’s words about 50 times. Thanks to my Yak Bak.

Uhhhh. Anyways. Bye.

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