Month: May 2013

Nostalgia Fail: That 80’s Show

With a similar name, show structure and many of the same writers and production staff as That 70’s Show, it seemed that Fox’s 2002 sitcom That 80’s Show was going to be a sure-fire hit! Sadly it was nothing more than a Nostalgia  FAIL! The show was set in 1984 and revolved around the lives of a group of friends living in California. With an original concept, a seriously good soundtrack and based on a truly awesome decade, the show still could not compete with NBC’s ED. Then again who can really compete with the tandem of Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black. While I do like Brittany Daniel, the cast was pretty Plain-Jane and just lacked something.  All in all this show sucked. Don’t trust me? Find out for yourself! Here is the entire first episode:

Voltron vs Power Rangers

As far back as I can remember (which is pretty far. Impressed?), the first cartoon I remember loving was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The show only lasted like a year, but I still loved and talked about it for years after. So imagine my delight when I saw a live-action version of the the show like 10 years later, only now the show was called Power Rangers and instead of Lions coming together to form Voltron, it was a bunch of dinosaur zords coming together to form Megazord. The shows were clearly the exact same, even down to the colours of the Lions and Zords. So naturally I loved Power Rangers just as much. But the question remains: who would win in a chili cook off? Let the battle begin! Voltron Power Rangers   *Update* Here is a video of a guy comparing the two. At least I assume it’s what he is doing, i didn’t watch it but I used is photo image for this post so I figure I should give him …

Fresh Prince Throwback on Graham Norton Show

Will Smith gave us all a taste of Nostalgia the other day on The Graham Norton Show. While the interview starts off kinda meh, Will and his son Jaden “rap” together which was Will making a feeble attempt at beat-boxing while Jaden basically just said “hello” for about 30 seconds. HOWEVER, around the 2 minute mark this video picks up and really starts getting awesome! So check it out. Also, how about the fact that Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham just happen to be the other guests that night. I mean what a line up!