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Ladies and Gentlemen: Garfield and Friends


He is our favourite lasagna cat who spent his days tormenting Odie and annoying his handler Jon Arbuckle, the creation of Jim Davis known as Garfield the cat. I never could understood why Garfield loved lasagna so much? I fed my cat lasagne once and he just puked and died….I don’t get it?

But Garfield wasn’t my favourite character on the show. I could never get behind him because of his lack of respect towards Jon. All Jon wanted was to make a modest living as a cartoonist and settle down with a lucky lady. But after several disappointing dates with Dr. Liz, Jon and his nerdy demeanor could not recover. And from my perspective, it was all Garfield’s fault. After all Jon had a steady job, a house and a full head of hair, aka the Perfect Catch.

But then again Jon did live a pretty boring lifestyle, as displayed in this re-enactment of the classic comic strip, video by Fatal Farm.

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