80s, Music
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Frankie says Relax

Frankie also says “Go fuck yourself,” or at least said that to UK radio stations who banned the song “Relax” for its apparent offensive lyrics. Frankie Goes to Hollywood was a British pop band who were openly gay. After some pretty risky print advertisements, they released their hit track “Relax” in 1984. Many felt the lyrics were pretty graphic, referencing sexual acts. The line, “When you want to come” is a reference to a….well you get the picture. With the track being banned from UK airwaves it gained a huge cult following. Protesting its ban, T-shirts began popping up everywhere telling people that “Frankie says relax.”

In the US, the lyrics were not considered controversial, as they could be interpreted many different ways. Somehow, “When you want to suck to it” was ambivalent enough to keep it on US radio. The ban was lifted in the UK where the song stayed on the charts for 48 weeks, 5 at #1.

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