Month: June 2013

I Ate Jack Links Beef Sticks Almost Daily

. When I was in high school, I would venture down to the Mac’s store daily on my lunch break and buy one of these things. Then, when I worked at Tim Horton’s right beside the Mac’s store, I would wander over on my break and buy one almost every day. I must have dropped a few bills at least on these things over those years. Now, the price is ridiculous so I only buy one occasionally – when I’m depressed or have a hankering for some meat. My favourite flavor is ‘peppered.’ What’s yours?

Blanka is a Troll

Not familiar with Blanka? Let me run down who he is. He is a video game character – one of the original eight from Street Fighter II. He is depicted as a feral savage, with green skin and long orange hair, resembling a monster more than a human. Oh yeah….and he is also a troll.

Hi, I’m Troy McClure: All the movies you might remember me from

Next to Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure was one of my favourite characters from the Simpsons. Both voiced by the late Phil Hartman (who was tragically killed back in 1998), these voices were two of the most recognizable of the 90s. Troy McClure, a washed-up actor who was famous for being “known” for his roles in movies that no one ever saw. So please enjoy Troy telling us about all of these roles. Every single one of them.