Month: July 2013

Playing with my Toy Soliders

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid TOY SOLIDERS were one of the greatest toys ever to play with! They were small, green (sometimes red), action posed and easy to bring with you for any occasion. I really enjoyed combing my army with my friend’s army to make a SUPER ARMY!!! The only downside was trying to figure out whose toys were what afterwards, all of the characters looked alike for the most part. I stumbled upon this cute little video on VIMEO today that not only reminds me how much fun toy soldiers were, but also gives a few funny references to the classic war movie PLATOON. While we are on the subject of Toy Soliders, do you remember the kick ass N64/Playstation game ARMY MEN?! Man N64 games were the best!

Dick Tracy

For a movie I LOVED so much as a kid and remember quoting quite a bit, it is amazing how much I have forgotten about this movie. I think it has safely been about 17 years since I have watched this Dick Tracy. So, the time has come! I must watch this movie once again and let nothing stand in my way….oh it’s not on Netflix? Oh well, I suppose it will have to live in my memory for the time being. In all honesty, the best thing to come from Dick Tracy wasn’t even in the movie, it was this scene from the Simpsons: …good memory… oh and here is the Dick Tracy Trailer.

What were in Hulk Hogan’s Vitamins?

He was known for telling kids to “train, say your prayers and take your vitamins” but there was much controversy over Hulk Hogan’s famous catchphrase when word leaked that he was a user of anabolic steroids. For me, Hulk Hogan was my idol growing up. While I didn’t always do what he told me (mainly “train”…I was little fat kid), I did glue myself to the television screen every time he was on. I also urged my parents to buy my every Hulk Hogan product from action figures, posters, shirts and even his own brand of chewable vitamins. (Move over Flintstones) As the 90s rolled around, Hogan’s reign in the wrestling world was beginning to thin out…much like his hair had done years prior. People were becoming sick of his good guy American hero image and in turn started to challenge him. And when the voices started to rebel, there was one thing that constantly came up…steroids. How could someone with 24 inch arms of muscle not be on steroids? It’s impossible! Hogan started to …