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Dawson’s Creek VS. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven Dawson's Creek

The WB Network was pretty damn awesome back in the 90’s. It provided me with two shows that I watched regularly and got tremendous pleasure out of. I am aware that I may very well have been the only 13 year old watching 7th Heaven and Dawson’s Creek, but I don’t care. they were both great shows.

Because both were similar in style and content, and both aired on the same network at the same time period, I always grouped them together when discussing past favourite television shows. 7th Heaven has given us Jessica Biel as a breakthrough actress and Dawson’s Creek spawned James Van Der Beek as everyone’s favourite satirical mockery.

Both shows have been off air for many years now, and upon reflection, both still hold up as favourites of mine. I would give the edge – although ever so slightly – to 7th Heaven. Did you watch either of these programs? If you did, which one ranks as your favourite? Get at us with your happy faces smiling back at me:


I don’t wanna wait for your responses:


I’m lame!

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