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The Best Wrestling Music Albums Ever

Aggression Forceable Entry

Theme music in the WWE largely sucks nowadays. But let me tell you, back in the heyday of wrestling popularity, the music was awesome. In the late 90s and well into the early 2000s, the WWF was absolutely on fire. Because of its popularity, they were able to team up with numerous musical artists to create catchy theme songs for their wrestlers.

My two favourite wrestling albums are easily WWF Forceable Entry and WWF Aggression. Forceable featured rock versions of WWF Superstars’ theme songs while Aggression included rap/hip hop infused songs. I was quite surprised how much I liked Aggression because rap and hip hop has never been my favourite musical genre. It just goes to show that pretty much everything that the WWF did in those days, I enjoyed.

I realize many of you will label me a complete and utter loser for writing about wrestling music, and you would be right. But I don’t care. I just listened to both of these records recently, and they still hold up to me. I miss the heyday of wrestling popularity.

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