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1994 Classic Disney World Commercial

We all remember this commercial don’t we? Of course, it’s the 1994 classic Disney World commercial in which an older brother gives advice to his younger brother on tips to have the best time at Disney World. The kicker to this commercial? The older brother is at best a few years older than the younger brother, but the conversation has a tone of a grandfather giving sage advice to a grandchild, CLASSIC!

Having a younger brother myself, I hoped to have these conversations with him growing up. However my brother being a mere 13 months younger than I, we experienced most life’s experiences at the same time. The only moment I ever had with him like this was when I saw this commercial before my brother and and preceded to give him advice on the best way to watch said commercial. I also made him pack a suitcase at the same time for no particular reason other than I was the older brother and he would do what I asked.


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  1. kelseycanbake says

    I totally forgot about this commercial! it’s fantastic! I think I was 5 in 1994… do you feel old now? hehehe.

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