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Kevin Spencer: Something’s Wrong With That Kid

In 1999 there were two adult cartoons that my parents “wouldn’t allow” me to watch, but knew I did anyways. The first was South Park. With my parents still awake, I would turn the television to Global (Canadian channel) at 11:05pm on Friday nights. Clearly I was home on Friday nights…this was a theme that didn’t escape me for most of my adolescence and young adult life…and currently now into adulthood. The show was funny. They laughed. I laughed. Then they said that “I shouldn’t be watching.”

The other show I was to stay away from would air much later, often after midnight on the Comedy Network. This show was called Kevin Spencer. The show centers around a family of three with Kevin a 14-year-old, chain smoking, alcoholic, sociopathic juvenile delinquent being the star. His parents were also alcoholics, on welfare, fat, unattractive and extremely stupid. The show shared many traits as South Park from it’s animation style, but it’s main problem was the lack of depth and the fact that it was Canadian.

After watching the show again, I realized that Kevin Spencer doesn’t hold up today (same with early seasons of South Park), but as a kid I thought the show was “the bomb”.  After all it was uncensored with words like FUCK and SHIT, I thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

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