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What were in Hulk Hogan’s Vitamins?

He was known for telling kids to “train, say your prayers and take your vitamins” but there was much controversy over Hulk Hogan’s famous catchphrase when word leaked that he was a user of anabolic steroids.

For me, Hulk Hogan was my idol growing up. While I didn’t always do what he told me (mainly “train”…I was little fat kid), I did glue myself to the television screen every time he was on. I also urged my parents to buy my every Hulk Hogan product from action figures, posters, shirts and even his own brand of chewable vitamins. (Move over Flintstones)

As the 90s rolled around, Hogan’s reign in the wrestling world was beginning to thin out…much like his hair had done years prior. People were becoming sick of his good guy American hero image and in turn started to challenge him. And when the voices started to rebel, there was one thing that constantly came up…steroids. How could someone with 24 inch arms of muscle not be on steroids? It’s impossible! Hogan started to be bombarded by reporters, fans, media types and even the federal government. Despite advice from his business partner Vince McMahon and his manager, Hogan decided to set the record state on the Arsenio Hall Show. And by set the record straight, I mean lie through his teeth.

Basically, the media ate him alive after that poor acting performance. Hogan soon after took a hiatus from the WWF and cut himself off cold turkey from his vitamins. When he returned in 1993 he was built as a “lean and mean” best shape of his life Hulkster as he clearly lost 50lbs of muscle. That didn’t stop the fans from chanting steroids and it didn’t stop me from still believing in him. Hogan later admitted in 1994 that he was steroid user during the federal trail of Vince McMahon.

Today, steroids are the least of Hogan’s worries. His name has been dragged in the mud for years after his son’s car accident and his multimillion dollar divorce from his wife Linda. The thing about the Hulkster that people need to remember is that despite what actions Terry Bollea may have done, as the character Hulk Hogan inspired a nation. He taught me and many others to be good people and to stand up for yourself and be the best Hulkamaniac you possibly can be. To say thank you I will now proceed to rip off my shirt in public.


  1. dude, I am what I am today because of this icon. While he himself did something bad, he always looked out children. Almost everybody has some skeletons in the closet, but most of them are assholes, too. Hulk had skeletons in his closet but at least he loved kids and family. I know this as a fact because we all know Hulk cannot act and the public would have seen it right through him…it was genuine Hulk Hogan.

    • Agreed! I was growing up (and still am) a huge Hulkamaniac. There couldn’t have been a better role model on TV!

      • yep, I’ll always be a fan too. Always thought about visiting him next time I’m in his area.lol

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