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A Classic Action Film in My Mind: Speed!


I was recently discussing how Terrible Keanu Reeves is with my roommates. We Canadians often have bias towards are own celebrities and stars, but not with Keanu reeves. This guy just sucks. Flat out!

Except for Speed! Speed ruled. In was 8 years old when Speed came out and unable to discern how atrocious Keanu reeves was. I did not pay attention to acting and directing when I was 8, only my entertainment level of the film. And Speed thoroughly entertained me. The plot was awesome: A bus was rigged with a bomb and could not decrease its speed below 50 mph, or the bomb would explode. Chaos ensues as everyone tries to keep the bomb from exploding. AND Sandra Bullock is in the movie. She is one of my favourite actresses.

I have not seen this film in 15 years. I’d be curious to re-watch it – specifically Keanu Reeves’ performance – to see how it stacks up today. In my mind it is one of the best action films ever. What do you think?


Well, after watching that, I stand by my original opinion of Reeves. “What do you do?”


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