90s, Memories, Music
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Lining up at midnight to your favourite band’s new tape

This is just interesting because for many of us this is something that was a way of life at one point. Now it is more dead then your dead grandmother…oh no one told you yet…ah, yeah, so…your grandma died ok. Get over it.

What I am trying to talk to you about is lining up at record stores at midnight to buy newly released albums. Oh man are those days gone! Not only have tapes been replaced by CDs (and now digital MP3s) but record stores are almost non-existent.

Anyway, this video is from September 17th, 1991 at midnight when Guns N’ Roses released Use Your Illusion… Speaking of stuff that is long gone, Guns N’ Roses’ careers…with the exception of Slash, cause he is a God and you can’t kill a God!

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