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Mac and Me: Not what I remembered

So, I watched this movie a bunch of times as a kid. It was basically the poor man’s E.T.

The premise is that a Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) escapes from NASA and befriends some kid in a wheel chair. Seems harmless enough. Recently I went back and watched some scenes from this movie and realized how BAT-SHIT CRAZY it is! The Goddamn thing makes NO SENSE! I can’t even put into words how messed this movie is. I must have just blocked it all from my memory as a traumatic event in my life.

But don’t let me sandbag it. Please decide for yourself. Here are a few choice scenes from the movie. Starting with the preview where Ronald McDonald does the intro…yes –  Ronald McDonald…WHAT THE FUCK!

Theatrical Trailer featuring Ronald McDonald….Why?

The Unexplained Dance Scene

There is no reason or explanation for this dance scene. It just happens. This is not a musical people! This is supposed to be just a regular McDonald’s and a dance scene just breaks out! OH! and that asshole Ronald McDonald is there too. OH! and they are trying to hide MAC so they put him in a bear costume and say he is a toy and then MAC starts flying and dancing! I AM SO ANGRY AND CONFUSED!

The Famous Wheel Chair Off a Cliff Scene

This is where MAC saves the kid from certain death. Honestly, I could watch him go off that cliff all day, that shit is hilarious!

So that is just a taste. If you want the full craziness, you can actually watch this movie on YouTube. That’s right, the whole movie is on YouTube because no doubt ORION just said fuck this piece of shit, give it away for free.


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