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MasterCard Advertising Campaign: Priceless


The ‘Priceless’ advertising campaign that MasterCard has used for the last decade is brilliant. It truly sticks out in my mind as one of the few slogans I can actually remember. I prefer using Visa credit cards because generally their interest rates are lower, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what Visa’s slogan or tagline is. Not a clue. But with MasterCard, I will never forget the ‘priceless’ commercials. Here is a link that includes 42 of the many ads the company ran to promote the necessary evil that is their credit card:


Genius. Flat out!


  1. Brooke W says

    Glad I came across this post, thank you! Checked out the video ads you linked and they were pretty good! I found some more catchy slogans and taglines that are really clever if it’s okay that i post the link here: Catchy Credit Card Slogans And Taglines I’m sure you and other readers will get a great use out of these. Thanks again!

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