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3-D Gaming at its worst, Segascope

Never heard of the SegaScope 3D? Well it was Sega’s counter to Nintendo’s 3D gaming console the Nintendo Famicom 3D….wait you haven’t heard of that either??? Don’t blame you.

Nintendo first came out with the Famicom 3D, a gaming console that offered 3D glasses that were connected to the system through a wire (like a controller) that would send impulses to the glasses during gameplay to give you that 3D effect. This system was only released in Japan. So Sega being Sega of course had to counter that. Enter the SegaScope 3D, although Sega decided to release the SegaScope in North America as well as Japan.

The SegaScope was an add-on to the original Sega Master System and Sega Genesis. Only six games were released for this add-on: Blade Eagle 3-D, Maze Hunter 3-D, Missile Defence 3-D, Space Harrier 3-D, Poseidon Wars 3-D and Zaxxon 3-D.

One year after the SegaScope’s release, the Genesis was officially launched. Sega wanted to focus more on their 16-bit system/games, so they turned their focus away from 3-D gaming.

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