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My Childhood Summed Up in Awesome Television Programs

Family Matters Fresh Prince Full House Saved By The Bell

How bout THIS group of 90’s television programs, huh! My childhood memories of television can essentially be summed up with these four awesome shows. Most of them aired in the morning before I went to school and then again right after I was home from school. They also aired on multiple different networks at various times throughout the day, making it virtually impossible to escape viewings. And I was completely fine with that.

I bet I have seen almost 100 percent of every episode aired of all of these shows. I still cannot determine which one I would put on the top of my list, because they are all awesome. Flat out! I loved Zack and Kelly, I loved Joey and Jesse, I loved Carl and Urkel and I loved Will and Carlton. Such an impossible choice.

What was/is your favourite amongst these wicked programs? Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t watch at least a couple of them, because you did. Get at us!

Here are all four of the title sequences from these shows, all of which are awesome! I have a challenge for you, of which I passed. See if you remember the lyrics to these songs. I surprised myself by the remarkably high number of words I still have engrained in my mind from these childhood programs. Give it a try.





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