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The Taco Bell Chihuahua

Gidget “The Taco Bell Chihuahua” Chipperton was the figurehead of Taco Bell in the late 90s. The advertising campaign with Gidget began during a peak in the “Burger Wars,” in which several fast food chains were engaged in large advertising campaigns against each other.

Despite the fact that Taco Bell’s meat tasted like Chihuahua, that didn’t stop me from proudly wearing my “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!” The advertisements were also the major contributor to my learning the Spanish language. “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!” = “I want Taco Bell” what more could I possibly need to know?

The advertising campaign was so successful, Gidget became an icon of the 1990’s and a big time celebrity. Gidget traveled first-class, opened up the New York Stock Exchange and made an appearance at Madison Square Garden. In her later years she appeared in a 2002 commercial for GEICO and as “Bruiser’s Mom” in the 2003 movie “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde”.

Sadly, on July 21, 2009 after suffering a stroke in her Los Angeles mansion, Gidget was euthanized. She was cremated and her ashes were retained by her trainer.

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