2000s, 80s, 90s, Games
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Claw Game

Dude 1: Bro, I am totally going to win Stacey a stuffed dog.

Dude 2: Bro, it’s like $2 a game, you know how much skee ball we can play for that? Then you can take all the tickets you win and put them towards a bigger stuffed dog.

Dude 1: Bro, skee ball? Really? Plus ticket games are for pussies. We are 31 years old bro, I think we can afford the claw game.

Dude 2: Alright, relax bro….I hate that you have seen me naked…

Dude 1: Well it happened bro! So nut up and help me score this pug…fuck it, I missed. This game is a ripoff, lets go play Cruising USA.

annnnnnnnnnd scene.

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