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Movie Trailers Re-Cut

This is a trend that is on the rise. Re-Cutting trailers to well know movies to make them seem like a totally different movie. I have picked three of my favorites, although there are thousands of these out there (both good and bad), so I likely will miss a bunch that are great. So send some suggestions if you like so we can all be in the know!

Top Gun: A Love Story. This one is not great, but I still find it pretty funny. Mostly because I love Top Gun and will take any chance to talk about it. Oh yeah just look here.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off : Indie Coming of Age Film. I love this re-cut trailer. Tell me you wouldn’t go see this movie with that girl you are good friends with and are thinking maybe it’s time to take it to the next level with (it isn’t by the way and it never will be). It’s incredible how well done this is. Kudos to Joseph Brett (guy who uploaded this to YouTube and therefore I assume made this).

Mrs. Doubtfire: Horror/Thriller. This one gets full marks for taking an over-the-top family comedy and making it seem like a creepy psychological thriller. Complete 180. Well done.


  1. My favourite is definitely the Top Gun trailer. I saw one a while back that was Stephen King’s IT as a happy film instead of a horror! 🙂

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