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Blair Witch Shit

Blair Witch Project

1999 was the year that The Blair Witch Project graced(?) movie theatres. At the time, many movie goers believed the entire story to be 100 percent true (idiots). Now, I hate movies like this (think Paranormal Activity, Conjuring and the like), but I will say that this movie was huge. It cost under $30,000 to make, and it made just under $250,000,000, making it one of the most successful independent releases in history. I think the film is ungodly horrendous, but the point of the movie industry is to make money, and The Blair Witch Project did that. So, it was wildly successful.

Unfortunately because of this, we have been subjected to an ever increasing number of like projects that quite honestly have sucked. But oh well. It’s my decision whether to view a movie, and I simply will not waste my time anymore on these types of films.

What are your thoughts on The Blair Witch Project? Like it? Hate it? Respect it? Get at us!


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