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The evolution of the Blossom opening credits

We all remember Blossom as the hottest girl to ever be on TV in the history of Television…or maybe I have the backwards…anyway, she was secondly known for her unique and…I don’t know…fun? opening credits. So let us journey back to the mid 90s and re-live the magic that was Blossom.

Blossom Season 1: Blossom Dancing to a personal camcorder…these days it would be a webcam and she would no doubt be doing unspeakable acts…like that dance The Dougie. What were you thinking? Sex acts? You sick bastard. But yeah she’d probably be doing sex acts too.

Blossom Season 2: This season gives us more dancing, but we lost the camcorder, we have a professional studio and wardrobe changes! Hazah!

Blossom Season 3: This is where Blossom takes on some next level shit man. Not only dancing. Not only a sweet studio, but dancing in a sweet studio with, wait for it…the rest of the cast! it’s also cleverly matched up so the other cast member’s names appear on screen when they do! BANANAS! Wait..not bananas…BLOSSOM!

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