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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

First off, of course! Everyone is afraid of the dark. But even though I was a huge pussy as a child (and an even bigger one as an adult), I still would watch this show almost on the regular…with my hand on the remote ready to change it as soon as it got too scary.

This show was an homage to the Twilight Zone days and featured the “Midnight Society” who would gather around the fire and tell ghost stories, I’m not sure what time of night they did this, but I’m sure it  was pretty late, somewhere around 11:30 maybe? I dunno.

While the cast would change episode to episode, the Midnight Society stayed the same for most of the 7 years the show was on and was a proving ground for young actors who would later make it big. Actors like Elisha Cuthbert and…well basically just her.

Sorry to bring up scary memories, but remember, we are in an energy crisis, so please don’t sleep with the lights on. Just keep a gun under your pillow and give guns to any loved ones in the house, including small children to make them feel safe.

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