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Worst NHL Jerseys…Ever.

The NHL season is back in full swing…or skate…you know what I don’t need to impress you with my wordplay, much like these NHL teams didn’t need to impress you with a design that was even remotely good. So with that I give you the worst NHL jerseys of all time! Enjoy!

Boston Bruins

Known as the “winnie the pooh” jersey. This Jersey was somehow allowed to exist for 10 years from 1996-2006. Good Call.

Dallas Stars

Ah, the Dallas Stars (2003-2006) with their astronomically inspired jersey…which somehowcame out looking like a woman’s uterus. observe:


Vancouver Canucks

This jersey is a little more forgivable because it was the late 70s and early 80s…but common buddy…common buddy…seriously? Terrible.

New York Islanders

The “High Liner” Fish Sticks jersey of the New York Islanders. They rocked these bad boys from 1995-1997 and when it was first unveiled I actually liked it. However I was 12, and this point just proves that kids are stupid and should have no say in anything ever.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks

The player and jersey are doing the same thing! And that’s the problem. Can you believe Disney owned a team with a jersey like this? Yes, and that maybe the only excuse to why this was allowed to be seen by anyone back in 1995-96.

Phoenix Coyotes

To be fair, everything that the Phoenix Coyotes do is terrible…this jersey from 1998-2003 was just the worst of all their evils. Please fold your franchise. Thank you.

Calgary Flames

Oh man! that horse is breathing fire and that is totally awesome! At least it was from the years 2000-2003…and I bought one…and still own it…ladies…

L.A. Kings

What can be said about this jersey that hasn’t been said about most mass genocides. Yes not even “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky was able to avoid this abortion back in 1995-96. The man that once called the New Jersey Devils a “Mickey Mouse Organization” sure looks “Goofy” here. WHAM!

Honorable Mention

The jersey that almost happened. Back in 1996, The St. Louis Blues nearly “rocked” the absolute worst jersey in NHL history. Coach Mike Keenan refused to allow his players to wear this jersey. Now if only he could get some consulting work for some other teams in the NHL to prevent their wrong doings…You hear me New York?

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