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“Feed Me Seymour” – The Little Shop of Horrors

The musical comedy directed by Frank Oz was an instant cult classic in 1986. The film itself was an adaptation from the off-Broadway musical of the same name, and a black and white horror film from 1960.

During the production of the film, Oz shot a 23-minute ending based on the musical’s ending. However, after receiving negative reviews from test audiences, the ending had to be re-written and re-shot for the theatrical release as a much “happier ending”.

“In the original ending, after Audrey is attacked by Audrey II, she dies in Seymour’s arms, but only before begging him to feed her to the plant so that Seymour will get all the fame he deserves. Seymour does so, but afterwards attempts to commit suicide by jumping off Audrey’s apartment complex. Before he can, Patrick Martin appears and attempts to persuade Seymour to let him cut samples of the plant so that they can grow into little Audrey II’s and be sold across America. In horror, Seymour quickly slides down the ladder and returns to the flower shop. After confronting the plant as it sings “Mean Green Mother from Outer Space“, the plant tears down the shop, plucks Seymour out of the rubble, and eats him. The three chorus girls appear in front of a sparkling American flag and tell how the Audrey II buds become a nationwide consumer craze. But soon, Audrey II and its army of duplicates takes over the country. In the dramatic finale, giant Audrey II buds begin destroying New York as the U.S. Army attempts to fight them and the plant finally descends upon the Statue of Liberty. A title card “THE END?!?” appears and Audrey II bursts through the screen, cackling.” – Wikipedia

Here is a clip from the original ending:

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