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The Man, The Myth, The Misunderstanding: Andy Kaufman

Some found him funny, while others didn’t. Many people loved him, while many hated him. But whatever he did, he made us always believe. Andy Kaufman wasn’t a comedian – at least he says – he was a song and dance man. He wanted to be the center of attention always. It was his goal to get a reaction from the audience whether it be good, bad or ugly. You never knew if it was part of the show or if he was being serious. I have purposely stayed away from posting articles on Andy, knowing that once I start I won’t be able to stop.

Long before Joaquin Phoenix showed up on David Letterman with a giant beard and sunglasses and was extremely short with the Late Nite host, Andy appeared on David Letterman’s morning show on June 24, 1980 sporting a pair of bright yellow pants, bed head and snot running out his nose. Andy proclaimed that he had hit hard times and then solicited money from the studio audience.

All I can say is genius.


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