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Playing Parachute in Gym Class = YES!

Easily one of my favourite activities in gym class, probably because it didn’t involve much co-ordination. I can’t even remember what this object was called other than parachute. This massive multicoloured piece of fabric would have every child’s eyes light up when it was pulled out of the closet storage where it sat behind the plastic hockey sticks and deflated bag of soccer balls. The kids would form a circle and grab hold of the parachute creating distance. Then each began to flail their arms and the parachute would create waves. One of the more easy and popular games would be to put a couple of soft balls in the middle and try to bounce them from side to side without having them fly out of the circle. Another would involve a student running underneath the waves, while another is atop trying to catch him; this was called Cat and Mouse.

I think I might have enjoyed playing parachute more than playing with the giant bouncy balls (Hoppies).

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