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Does Ernest Scared Stupid still hold up?

Growing up I was always drawn to any film starring Ernest P. Worrell (aka the uber-talented actor Jim Varney). The first Ernest film was in 1987 entitled “Ernest Goes to Camp”, but perhaps my favorite when I was a youngster was 1991’s “Ernest Scared Stupid”. I don’t know why I liked it? Maybe it was it’s ridiculous looking characters, or the fact that Ernest (as always) saves the day. Either way, I thought I’d give it go again to see if the film was nearly as good as I thought it was….the answer….no….not at all. It’s actually pretty bad.

But with that said, I will say that the opening credits was one of the best classic horror film mash-ups I’ve ever seen. It had nothing to do with the movie but it did a great job of setting the tone of the film from the get-go. Check it out…

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