Month: November 2013

Golden Girls: LEGO edition

Two childhood favourites coming together for the first time: LEGO and Golden Girls! This is a pretty cool little set but apparently these are not available everywhere. Much like Golden Girls were exclusive to NBC these LEGO beauties can only be found on this Etsy site Full marks to the creators of these little gems but to truly honor the Golden Girls, the Blanche model should double as a sex toy.

Boy Meets World: The Sequel

With the amazing news that Boy Meets World is being developed into a sequel (Girl Meets World) where Cory and Topanga will raise their young daughter to “Meet the World,” I feel a celebration is in order. So in that spirit I give you all the opening credits to one of my favourite shows of all time. I can’t wait for the new show! And it is totally gonna happen, cause I don’t think the internet and magazines are allowed to make up stuff that isn’t real, right? RIGHT?!

Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme

So…Hershey’s steals everyone’s cookies to put them into their chocolate bars and we are supposed to be okay with that? I mean they were in our homes people! And who says they just stole our cookies? Who the hell knows what else they took while they were in there. I think it might be safe to say anything you lost back in the summer of 1998, Hershey had stolen from your house. This was a truly a horrific crime and I SHOULD be angry with Hershey’s, but their Cookies n’ Creme Bar is so delicious I think we can forgive them. Even though they probably had sex with all of our mothers while they were looting our homes. Oh Hershey’s, you so crayzay!

The 12 Most Darkly Funny Thanksgiving Themed Sitcom Episodes

Happy Thanksgiving Amurika! To celebrate thanks, we are thanking Splitssider for writing an awesome article on The 12 Most Darkly Funny Thanksgiving Themed Sitcom Episodes that we can “borrow”  for our own post. The article is quite entertaining and features Thanksgiving favourites from South Park, How I Met Your Mother, Tim and Eric, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and of course the Iconic Seinfeld. Check out the article here and enjoy your weekend! As for me, I’m gonna check out the Black Friday deals I can get on the Black Market. $75 for a new kidney and a mail order bride?! Sold! I shall call her Pumpernickel.

Happy Chanukah!

We start by celebrating 8 crazy nights of coin chocolates and tube socks with the begging of Chanukah (or Hanukkah if you will) tonight! So, to honor this it only seems appropriate (or offensive) to rejoice in the singing of The Chanukah song by Adam Sandler. It’s the 3rd version of the song as it is the most up to date rendition (barely) and has the best quality on YouTube. So, please enjoy. Oh and Hey D.J. SPIN THAT DRADLE!