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Talking Nostalgia at “I Seen You on TV”


The other week a couple of us from The Nostalgia Blog were asked to be the featured bloggers at an improv show entitled “I Seen You On TV”. The show is performed on the last Wednesday of every month at The Drake Hotel in Toronto (That’s Canada for our international readers) and is 100% completely improvised.

And let me tell you folks, it was a blast! The performers are all highly skilled improvisers (many of whom came from the Second City main stage) and put on one of the best improv shows I have ever seen. This can be attributed to the fact that the cast was very familiar with one another and that comfort with one another lead to to some pretty big laughs for the audience. This is not your regular “oh my friend and his improv group are putting on a show you should come see” pieces of awfulness, no. These people got chops! and the show is well worth the price of admission. If you are in Toronto and feel like a laugh, you should definitely check out this show…or punch a police horse, both are very amusing.

Before and after the show some of the performers (Michael Grajewski, Aurora Browne, Marjorie Malpass, Ashley Botting and Alastair Forbes) sat down and talked Nostalgia with us. And let me tell you,  we pulled no punches and touched on the tough subjects like getting the wrong MC Hammer CD, what is better SCTV or Kids in the Hall? And some of the craziest Nostalgic TV, music and board game references you can imagine! So check out the episode below, we promise a fun time. Oh and the picture above will make sense after viewing. Enjoy!


*Special thanks to Deanna for making all this happen!


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