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Red, White and Blue Rubber Ball

All of us played with these balls as kids, whether it was in gym class, at a neighbor’s house or maybe even at a babysitters.  My question: Where the hell did these things come from and why did they exist?

I mean someone created these things and apparently did very well in selling them because I don’t know a person who didn’t play with one of these things as a kid. Yet, no one can tell me where they came from! Not even Google knows what the hell these things were! If you Google ‘red, white and blue balls’ the answer you get from Google is “Is the condition Chuck Norris gets instead of blue balls”. Oh yeah, check yourself.

As far as I am concerned this might as well be an object brought to this world by alien lifeforms or the illuminati because it seems to shrouded in secrecy.

The only other theory I have is that maybe it was created by Pepsi, as it seems to have a similar look to Pepsi’s logo:

But I just pulled that theory out of my ass. If you know the answer please let me know cause I am stumped.

Oh and at one point this ball appeared on a Barenaked Ladies Album:

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