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Lovin’ Lakin

As many of our long time readers would know (we’re talking readers that date all the way back to April 2013,) one of my biggest childhood crushes was Al from the TV show Home Improvement….I mean Step by Step. Wow, it got really weird there for a second. If you would like to see my list of childhood crushes (and you know you do) click here.

Anyway, Al was played by Christine Lakin and for years I have been waiting for her to come back into my life, either by television, internet or abduction. Turns out internet was the winner, narrowly beating out abduction. And we are talking real narrow. Like I had the route planned, van rented, fake Mexican passports, the whole deal.

So how is Christine Lakin back in my life? Well if you wait a Goddamn second I’ll tell you. Man you are pushy today. Christine Lakin is back with a new internet show called “Lovin’ Lakin” and it is pretty good. My favourite episode so far is episode 4 when Lakin hangs out with her TV dad Patrick Duffy.

So give it a watch, I’m sure you’ll enjoy. As for me, I’m off to go through Larisa Oleynik’s garbage. Tootle Oo!

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