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Remember the Titans? It had “that guy” from “that show”

I just had this random thought the other day. I have done no research to back this up, but to be honest, I don’t know if you can because this is based on my opinion. And what is my opinion you ask? Well thanks for asking so politely and here it is:

Remember The Titans might have the greatest collection of “that guy” actors ever. Now what is a “that guy” actor you ask? Wow, you are so inquizative today. Well, “that guy” actors are actors whose names you do not know but you have seen and recognize from one or a number of other films, TV shows, etc.

Please allow me to present my case:

Point #1: Will Patton

Will Patton is a very established “that guy” actor, almost to the point that you know his name, but you don’t and that is where the magic of “that guy” is made. Patton is a seasoned vet in the acting game with notable appearances in movies such as Armageddon, The Punisher as well as countless other shows and movies. I always referred to him as Robert Duvall JR. as I assumed he was Robert Duvall’s son…apparently he is not.

Point #2: Wood Harris

Wood Harris is an interesting one as he is known as “that guy” from The Wire. However when The Wire started he was mostly referenced as “that guy” from Remember The Titans. Did I just blow your mind? God I hope not, cause if I did you are probably pretty stupid.

Point #3: Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst is not only a “that guy” actor, he is a “that show” actor, as in “you know he’s that guy from that show, ya know?”

With a laundry list of small parts on a TON of shows/movies including: Saving Private Ryan, Touched by an Angel, CSI and Sons of Anarchy. This guy is everywhere, but you’d never know…his name.

Point #4: Ethan Suplee

Another seasoned vet of the “that guy” crowd. Ethan is known for being “that guy” from roles in American History X, Mallrats, My Name is Earl, The Butterfly Effect and my personal favourite Boy Meets World. From all the actors mentioned so far, Ethan is the closest to being known by name, but if you told someone his name they’d probably ask to see his picture then go “Oh! That guy from…”. Go ahead, give it a try. Told you!

Point #5: Donald Faison

My personal favourite, you would know Donald as “that black guy” from Clueless and Scrubs because you are racist.

Well that’s the list folks. Hope you liked it. Oh yeah…

and Ryan Gosling was in the movie too.

He used to be a “that guy” actor until he got huge over that past couple years. Now he is just known as “that guy” who makes me question my sexuality.

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