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Somewhere my dad is laughing: The Far Side

Dads and everyone alike love Gary Larson’s The Far Side. I personally think it is the greatest comic strip of all time (so suck it Peanuts fans). Some of these single-panel comics were so popular around my household growing up that they stuck in our family’s lexicon for years to come. Here are a few of my personal favourites.

I still remember our family friend Drew telling my brother and I about this comic. Due to the lack of internet in those days it was sometime later before I finally saw the image. Oh the laughter as I learned my friend Drew was not just horrible at pronouncing the word “dog.”

I can still hear my uncle’s laugh when he showed me this. It might be my first memory of The Far Side.

I had a teacher that had this posted in the classroom and to this day I don’t smoke…mostly because it cuts into my massive cocaine habit.

My dad, to this day, calls cat food and dog food “fud” and will list it as such on our family’s shopping lists.

The last 3 have just always stuck with me. Ah, great trip down memory lane and only two bathroom stops! Thanks everyone!

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