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Holiday Lottery Tickets in My Stocking Every Year

Christmas Lottery Pack.

I was introduced to gambling at a very young age. Almost dangerously young. Actually I would definitely say dangerously young as I just re-mortgaged my house to pay off debts to my bookie. That was a lie, but I did start gambling when I was about 6. I lived behind a convenience store during a large part of my childhood years and the owner graciously (foolishly?) allowed me to purchase tickets if no one else was in the store. Enough said.

Every year for Christmas, I would receive a couple of the holiday gift pack lottery scratch tickets. A winner in every pack. Now, I never won more than 20 bucks, but still. I was 8. So it was a big thrill. Did your parents buy these for you? Do you think my mom and fake dad were horrible people for introducing me to a potentially life ending addiction so early in my life? Get at us!

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