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Joe Camel

I loved Joe Camel. He was the coolest. I know he was a controversial character who eventually was taken off the packs because of his power of influence on young children but damn, this guy was awesome! Check out all the awesome stuff this guy did and all thanks to cigarettes.

He got to stand near some jets while smoking

…Then he got to stand by some more jets while smoking.

He got to stand by hot girl, who is standing next to a cool car, while smoking.

He got to hold a saxophone…and…smoke while he is doing that too.

Hey look at that, he is standing by a race track…having a smoke…

Okay seriously? Are you goddamn kidding me?! He is just standing in a phone booth smoking.

Well. Turns out Joe Camel wasn’t the coolest. He was just your everyday run of the mill douche bag who would just go to events and smoke. I for one am saddened by this revelation. I mean why teach a camel to walk on two legs, where clothing, smoke, then not teach him to fly a jet or drive a race car? This is a lesson on half-assed approaches in life people, and you are welcome.

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