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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“Alpha, Rita’s escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers, with attitude!” – Zordon

I always took issue with this line in the opening. I mean Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly and Billy were some of  the best behaved high school students ever. They were also some of the oldest ever. I mean really old. Like, could challenge Beverly Hills 90210 for oldest supposed “teenaged” cast ever.

All that aside, this was most definitely one of my favourite childhood shows. It took one of my favourite childhood cartoons (Voltron) and completely ripped it off – but in live-action – so it’s okay!

Over the years it became a revolving door of new Power Rangers characters and Power Rangers themes. This is a list of all the different versions of the same show:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers ZeoPower

Power Rangers Turbo

Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers Samurai

and of course Power Rangers Maroon 5 Cover Band

Naturally I lost interest with the lack of consistency and also the fact that Tommy took over as the lead Ranger. Eff that noise. Jason 4 Life!

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