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Muppet Family Christmas

This was hands down on my top 3 favourite Christmas Specials of all time. A Muppet Family Christmas. This was even better than A Muppet’s Christmas Carol (yeah I said it). Here is the whole special in its entirety (you can watch it all including the 80s tv commercials here. It’s amazing).

This movie was the first (I believe) to bring all of Jim Henson’s Muppets together including The Muppets, The Cast of Sesame Street and The Fraggles. It’s an adorable little story of everyone showing up to Fozzy’s mom’s farmhouse for the holidays. A house she had already rented out to Doc (from Fraggle rock,) who wanted a quiet Christmas with his dog Sprocket. The whole gang winds up together and you learn the importance of family and being together and yada yada yada.

It’s a great little Christmas Story and I encourage everyone to give it a watch. The scene where the Swedish Chef is trying to cook Big Bird is phenomenal! (it happens around the 27 minute mark).

Merry Christmas!

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