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It’s Time To Rumble

It’s once again time to rumble…. Well, actually yesterday was time to rumble as the WWE put on it’s annual battle royal style pay-per-view known as the Royal Rumble. Don’t tell me who won, I PVR’d it. The Royal Rumble has been a January tradition dating back to 1988 when the first Rumble was won by Hacksaw Jim Duggan in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For hardcore wrestling fans and casual fans alike, this is the most entertaining event the WWE puts on (outside of WrestleMania). The pay-per-view centers around it’s main event in which 2 wrestlers start in the ring, every 90 seconds a new wrestler enters until 30 men have entered the match. You eliminate opponents by throwing them over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor. Last man standing is the winner and gets a championship match at WrestleMania.

I’ve seen every Royal Rumble match in history. Growing up I would rent the VHS tapes from my local video rental store (hey, remember when store’s rented movies). My personal favorite Rumbles were the ones with the Hulkster or when the Natural Boy Ric Flair won in 1992. I miss the good ol’ days…There was something about seeing the classic intro and superstar comments that always got me hyped for the event.

Even though I have seen every rumble, it wasn’t until a few years that I was introduced to what’s known as the Royal Rumble Drinking Game. This college beerfest has simple rules designed to get you fucked up. You take the initials in your name or any initials really, let’s say N.B. Anytime a wrestler who’s first or last name starts with a N or a B, you chug. You can only stop chugging until they enter the ring. Normally wrestlers sprint to the ring. But if you were to get a larger wrestler like say The Big Show or Yokozuna, they tend to saunter to the ring and take their time…. Drink Up!

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