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Windows 95 with Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry

I remember a time when Windows 3.1 was the bee’s knees. That is until Windows 95 came out in…well 1995.  Anyone who had Windows 95 was beyond cool and we all know the cooler you are, the more Friends you have…see what I did there.

The video guide to Windows 95, and video guides in general:

This single photo sums the 90’s almost perfectly. Windows 95. A VHS tape. And the TV show Friends. If anyone was ever in a coma for a decade and woke up in the year 2000 and asked “What was the 90’s like?”, you would present that person with a copy of this…


The above video was a cut-down version of the full 60minute VHS tape. If you feel yourself so bored with nothing else to do, then by all means read the rest of the posts in our Nostalgia Blog archive. And if (and only if) you’ve read everything, then you can watch the full length video…



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