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Get Clorets with Michael Richards

Before Michael Richards was known to me as the zany character of Kramer on Seinfeld, I knew him as the zany character of “the Clorets guy” in those Clorets commercials. I’m not 100% if Michael Richards was doing these commercials before or during Seinfeld but I think it is safe to say that he was basically just acting like Kramer. Lets face it though, do we really want to see him doing any other role? NO. Well maybe the bow tie killer in Problem Child but that’s it!

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  1. jim says

    Cadbury Adams has discontinued CLORETS. It’s gone – u can not find it! Clorets has been around well over 60 years – Wiki says introduced in 1951. This was a great breathe mint gum. PLEASE CALL CADBURY ADAMS AT 800-524-2854 AND EXPRESS YOUR DESIRE THAT CLORETS BE BROUGHT BACK TO THE MARKET!!

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