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Oh this happend: Saved by the Bell Soundtrack

We all know and love Saved by the Bell the TV show (and if you don’t? stop reading this blog. Seriously. We don’t want your kind here).

However! Did you know there was a Saved by the Bell Soundtrack? Well there was and it is as terribly awesome as you would think it would be. Some of you less versed in this show may ask “but what songs would this soundtrack feature?”. Great question but next time could you please raise your hand? It only takes a second and is just good manners.

And to answer your question the soundtrack features such great songs from Zack’s (at times imaginary) band The Zack Attack as well as the Bayside School Song written during their senior year when that chick Tori showed up and Kelly and Jessie were inexplicably missing. Of course the theme song is also on the soundtrack.

You must be asking “how do I get my hands on this awesome soundtrack?!”. Well first, thank you for raising your hand. And second, you can find audio cassette (yes I said cassette as in tape) on amazon for a cool $96.98 ($41.52 used). Oh yeah, that might be the best part of all this. The crazy price of an audio cassette.

For the rest of us that aren’t eccentric billionaires, you can just look up the songs on youtube and enjoy for free.

p.s. the only time I heard this original theme was on re-runs of Saved by the Bell on TBS…it is terrible.

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