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Memorable Hockey Players In Not-so Memorable Jerseys pt.1: Old School Era

Over the last 20 years it has been extremely rare for a star player to remain with one team for their whole career (or even two teams for that matter). But no matter how many teams these players end up with, there is always one or two we remember them on. On the other hand, there are also star players that we either completely forgot played for a certain team OR vividly remember them playing for certain team and it just looking plain wrong!

 Here are a list of players from our generation (and before) who at one time in our lives were fucking awesome! But then ruined it all by going to play for another team; either because they now sucked, sold out for more money, demanded a trade, or attempted a pathetic comeback. ENJOY!

 So I know this was WAY before our time, but I have to acknowledge a few of the players that started it this trend. While we never really got to watch these guys play in their prime (or in some cases, at all), we know that they were certified NHL legends who we associate with one particular team. They then went on to play in some less memorable and unfamiliar colours:


Gordie Howe

In My Mind: Detroit Red Wings

Remember When? New England/Hartford Whalers

Gordie came out of retirement in 1973 to play with his less skilled sons in the WHA because all three of them couldn’t hack it in the NHL. Somehow Mark is in the Hockey Hall of Fame for sliding into a net firmly embedded into the ice and almost killing himself in the process. I guess his election into the HOF was based on the modern invention of the magnets they now use today to hold the nets in place. Oh well, my point is … Gordie looks ridiculous.

Bobby Orr

In My Mind: Boston Bruins

Remember When? Chicago Blackhawks

Some say he is the greatest player to ever live … but not me. I never saw him play, so what he did in the past doesn’t count in my books. I do know that he is Bruins legend and that Don Cherry may or may not have given him a hand job at one point, but none the less – he was never a true Black Hawk.

Guy Lafleur

In My Mind: Montreal Canadiens

Remember When? New York Rangers

After returning to the NHL in 1988, it was clear that this “Flower” and his hairline had wilted away. What’s weird is that growing up I actually thought he was just some old guy who played for the Quebec Nordiques before they got Mats Sundin, Joe Sakic, and Owen Nolan.

Borje Salming

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Detroit Red Wings

Perhaps the greatest player to ever play for my favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. What this picture will prove is that Swedish hockey players have zero loyalty … (foreshadowing)

Next week, Pt. 2: NHL ’94 Era.

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