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Magic 8 Ball

I asked this damn thing like 4 times how old it was and it kept telling me to “ask again later”. I didn’t have time for that, I had moderately read blog to write! So against my better judgement I did something we usually frown on here at The Nostalgia Blog: Research.

Hey, here is a fun question! When do you think these bad boys were invented? If you were like me I bet you thought it was the 80s but you (like I) are wrong. I’ll give you a hint, it was invented pre-80s. Any guesses? Nope not the 70s, nice try. Nope not the 60s (even though given all the psychedelic drugs from those two decades you would thing this toy would spawn from one of them). It was in fact the 50s…THE 50s! That seems crazy to me! But then again so was the idea of Taylor Hanson being a boy (jury is still out on that I think).

Regardless of when this 8 ball was made, it is safe to say that it belongs in the category of ‘timeless’ toys. Now, 8 ball, will we enjoy this clip from Seinfeld  of David Puddy and his 8 ball jacket? “All signs point to yes”!

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