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Answering Machines/Answering Machine Messages

From a time long lost in society, I give you: The Answering Machine!

People can argue (if they like) that this technology still exists in voicemail but let’s be honest, long gone are the day of calling and leaving someone a message…unless you you are a telemarketing robot or my buddy Adam who still wants his DVD copy of Dirty Dancing back from me (yeah like that’s ever gonna happen).

The sad part of this is not so much that we are not leaving messages on the answering machine (most of us now FaceTime or text). No, the real sad part is that we lost the art form of the creative answering machine message. As a kid I had a few friends with funny answering machine messages. One of which was complete with sound effects of a water park and children laughing with their dad saying “we can’t come to the phone right now, we are out having too much fun!”. That marriage ended in divorce…so I guess the answering machine message was the only real fun they had….and I heard recording it was a nightmare too…

Anyway, one such great answering machine message is the iconic song performed by George¬†Costanza on Seinfeld. It is not only one of the best answering machine messages, it is actually some people’s favourite Seinfeld moment. Double Whammy! Enjoy. And hey, give someone a call sometime.

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